Wednesday 30 June 2021

Reading List: June.


Kelly Quindlen: She Drives Me Crazy. 
Sophie Gonzales: Perfect on Paper. 
Rivers Solomon: Sorrowland.
Sara Flannery Murphy: Girl One.
Django Wexler: Hard Reboot.
Leah Raeder: Black Iris.
Malinda Lo: A Line in the Dark.
Kit Frick: All Eyes on Us.
Tasha Suri: The Jasmine Throne.
Micaiah Johnson: The Space Between Worlds.
Wendy Heard: She's Too Pretty To Burn.
Casey McQuiston: One Last Stop.
A.E. Osworth: We Are Watching Eliza Bright.
Jaye Robin Brown: The Key to You and Me.
Sarah Stewart Taylor: The Mountains Wild. 
Sarah Stewart Taylor: A Distant Grave.


Plan B (2021, Natalie Morales).
In the Heights (2021, Jon M. Chu).


Clarice, Season One. 
Feel Good, Season Two.

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