Friday 5 November 2021

Links 5/11/21


The leaking of many damning internal documents revealing Facebook's entanglement with and inability to moderate radical right-wing groups, some of which were involved with the planning of the Capitol attack in January this year, has been overshadowed by its awkward re-brand and news that it will shut down a facial recognition system, which had been used by authoritarian governments to track down dissenters. 

A coup in Sudan has toppled Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok following infighting between military and civilian parties. 

Pop Culture: 

Finally, a trailer for the series adaptation of Emily St. John Mandel's Station Eleven has arrived. It stars the great Mackenzie Davis (Halt and Catch Fire, San Junipero).

After wrapping the first season of Y: The Last Man, and hopes that it will get picked up by a different network for a second season, here's an interview with Eliza Clark, who promises that a second season would be "expansive and queer" (let Agent 355 be happy please), which is really all I want from my stories. 

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