Friday 31 December 2021

Reading List: December.


David Graeber and David Wengrow: The Dawn of Everything. A New History of Humanity.

Amia Srinivasan: The Right to Sex.
Laura Lee: A History of Scars. 
Qian Julie Wang: Beautiful Country. 
Patrick Radden Keefe: Empire of Pain.


M.J. Kuhn: Among Thieves. 
James S. A. Corey: Leviathan Falls.
Karen McManus: You'll Be The Death of Me.
Karen McManus: Two Can Keep a Secret.
Tade Thompson: Far From the Light of Heaven. 
Hannah Kent: Devotion.
Alison Rumfitt: Tell Me I'm Worthless.
Lauren Groff: Matrix.
Layne Fargo: They Never Learn.
Tess Sharpe: The Girls I've Been.
Tess Sharpe: Far From You.
Tess Sharpe: Barbed Wire Heart. 
Nekesa Afia: Dead Dead Girls. 
Alison Ames: To Break a Covenant.
Catherynne M. Valente: Comfort Me with Apples.
Katie Kitamura: Intimacies.
Isabel Sterling: The Coldest Touch. 
Tochi Onyebuchi: Riot Baby. 
Alex White: Revenant.
Tilly Lawless: Nothing But My Body.
Emily Layden: All Girls.


Die Frau mit einem Schuh (2014, Michael Glawogger).
Bloodthirsty (2020, Amelia Moses).
The Retreat (2021, Pat Mills).
The Strings (2020, Ryan Glover).
The Novice (2021, Lauren Hadaway).
Nitram (2021, Justin Kurzel).
The Nowhere Inn (2020, Bill Benz).
The Matrix Resurrections (2021, Lana Wachowski).


Arcane, Season One.
One of Us is Lying, Season One.
Departure, Season Two.
The Sex Lives of College Girls, Season One.
Hellbound, Season One.
This Way Up, Season One, Two.
Control/Kontrola, Season One.
Landscapers, Season One.
Why Women Kill, Season One.
The Girl Before, Season One. 
Crime, Season One.
When the Streetlights Go Out.

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