Monday 31 October 2022

Reading List: October.


Hua Hsu: Stay True.
Joe Vallese: It Came From the Closet. Queer Reflections on Horror.


Kate Atkinson: Shrines of Gaiety.
Becky Chambers: A Prayer for the Crown-Shy.
Celeste Ng; Our Missing Hearts. 
Malinda Lo: A Scatter of Light.
Hiron Ennes: Leech.
Nita Tyndall: Nothing Sung and Nothing Spoken. 
Alison Ames: It Looks Like Us.
Addie Tsai: Unwieldy Creatures.
Lev AC Rosen: Lavender House.


Spiderhead (2022, Joseph Kosinski).
Resurrection (2022, Andrew Semans).
Halloween (1978, John Carpenter).
Friday the 13th (1980, Sean S. Cunningham).
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984, Wes Craven).
Serial Mom (1994, John Waters).
Jawbreaker (1999, Darren Stein).
The Ring (2002, Gore Verbinski).


Bad Sisters, Season One.
Heartbreak High, Season One.
Inside Man, Season One. 
One of Us is Lying, Season Two.


Dragon Ladies Don't Weep @ Duston Playhouse.

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