Tuesday 3 June 2008

Bad Award Show, Bad Decisions, but KUDOS anyway

Yeah, that's right, Ellen Page won the MTV Movie Award for best Female Performance. I am inclined to say that this fits the movie better than the Academy Award Nomination, if it wasn't for the fact that "Transformers" won best movie (if they still recognized their roots, they'd gone for "Superbad").

And talking about Juno: Last week I saw a very unfortunate young woman who made money by wearing a huge globe-costume (I think it was for some travel agency). Of course I had a hard time not starting to laugh really loudly, cause, you know, "I'M planet!"

And the spoof:

And an interview, cause once I started talking about Ellen Page, I can't stop.


Now let's just hope that she doesn't get typecast in the future: but after all, the same thing might have happened after "Hard Candy" and "An American Crime" (which both would have been better choices for an Academy Award nomination) but she still got the role in "Juno". So.

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