Thursday 11 February 2010

Episode Three - Less Squee, more Angst

Spoiler-Free Hopes and Wishes: 
Scenes in which Naomi is not defined by Emily. 
Scenes in which Cook proves that he is "nicer than most people think". 
This probably won't happen but where is Katie? She needs more scenes, because she is secretly awesome. 
Equally astonishing music as in "Emily".
Freddie, doing something that doesn't make me unhappy.
More unexpected "this is the Effy from season one and two who was so above the trivial lives of little human beings and only occasionally meddled in their affairs" - appearances.

until then: some music. crystal castles. ALICE PRACTICE. shinichi osawa - PUSH  (tronik youth remix). clues. PERFECT FIT. the rosebuds. LIFE LIKE . so many dynamos. THE FORMULA. aa bondy. HOW WILL YOU MEET YOUR END?

Thomas and JJ have a very special job interview at a cinema, proving that they can bring the funny.

...oh and, you know, the review. I got almost everything I wished for, if you count the preview as an integral part of the episode. 

[humble apologies to everybody who does not care about "Skins". It will be over in like six weeks.]

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