Thursday 11 February 2010

Someone took this to heart

"In terms of not giving people what they want, I think it's a mandate: Don't give people what they want, give them what they need. What they want is for Sam and Diane to get together. Don't give it to them. Trust me. You know? People want the easy path, a happy resolution, but in the end, they're more interested in... No one's going to go see the story of Othello going to get a peaceful divorce. People want the tragedy. They need things to go wrong, they need the tension. In my characters, there's a core of trust and love that I'm very committed to. These guys would die for each other, and it's very beautiful. But at the same time, you can't keep that safety. Things have to go wrong, bad things have to happen."

Joss Whedon, AV Club Interview in 2001 
but also: 
"Very occasionally, if you pay really close attention, life doesn't suck." 
By the way, this  is really pretty.

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