Wednesday 17 February 2010

Not even topics, more like... random thoughts.

How do you measure the performance of the legislative branch? How many hours of work actually lead to bills that get passed? How effective these bills are in tackling whatever they concern? How many of the burning issues actually get as far as to the floor of a congress / parliament? 

Why does "Skins" lead me to loads and loads of good music, in spite of the fact that only a tiny part actually comes from episodes? 

How have I never mentioned that "Parks and Recreation" and "Better off Ted" are far better shows than "The Office", "How I Met Your Mother" or "30 Rock"? Because THEY ARE. 

"Friday Light Nights" ended its fourth season last Wednesday, and the fifth one will be the last. Devin wasn't in the second half of the season, which is probably why I never wrote about it. I also thought it was a little bit weird how Dillon all of a sudden turned into a completely different kind of city this year (still good drama and acting, and possibly the most realististic portrayal of family life on television). 

and finally, a confession: I've never really liked fanfic but omg, among the many fans of "Skins" are some incredibly talented writers who add so many vital facets to the characters - I don't think I'd enjoy this season quite as much without them. and They are quite lovely.

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