Monday 27 June 2011

Das Lied zum Sonntag

I've been re-reading all of Caitlín R. Kiernan's novels, now that the series is complete (Murder of Angels arrived a couple of weeks ago), as will become apparent in this month's Reading List, and... this weird thing has started to happen where everything seems to be connected. Watched Ink (a beautiful movie), and thought about worlds coexisting and creatures crossing thresholds etc., sat in the living room at my parent's house, playing Laura Veirs (I'm always trying to find artists that are "appropriate", common denominator and such), and this song came on: 

Laura Veirs - Wandering Kind

The tattooed girl took up her swords
And plunged them down deep into the earth
A twinkling tie filled up her eyes
And poured out to the lawn
A made a raft of the scraps from her skirt
And sailed 'til dawn
Today's song was supposed to be Grouper's (Liz Harris) I Saw A Ray (in case you watch Skins, you probably know why Grouper is significant; she just released a two part vinyl (highly recommended) and the video is... terrifying. 

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