Tuesday 20 March 2012

Reaction Post - I'd like to try to make it work.

The Good Wife: 3x18 Gloves Come Off.

  • What I've been enjoying so much about this show is... concurrence... this weird way in which things that aren't necessarily related happen at the same time and move things forward. Alicia realizes that the small raise Diane manages to get through the battleground that is the partners' meeting isn't enough to buy the house, but then, the way her kids react to the news CAUSES emotions, and Louis Canning re-appears and gives her exactly what she needs - something to bargain with (a better offer) - and the new and evolved Alicia Florrick doesn't even hesitate to use it as leverage against Diane. Diane is frustrated with the way the partners bicker and backstab, but then she gains confidence from juggling both her ruggedly handsome guys (Australia Jack and Tea Party Kurt) - Friday night, Saturday morning, etc. - so she actually stands up against the partners, using the by-laws of the firm, to get Alicia exactly what she wants. It's not so much about thinking Alicia actually deserves it (and there might be a fall-out in the future, because Diane clearly doesn't appreciate being blackmailed - "Everybody changes. End of the week, or you can clean out your desk right now."), but it's the opportunity to demonstrate her power with Eli, Julius and David just waiting for a sign of weakness. And this gets Alicia the house that she isn't even entirely convinced she still wants. 
  • For a moment there, I also considered the possibility that Alicia would actually accept Louis' offer and the fourth season would have her play against Lockhart & Gardner. 
  • More importantly though, Kalinda tries to mend things by offering Alicia a beer (Will subtly steers her that way), and is brutally turned down ("Look, we're working together, that's good enough, isn't it?") - except then things start to happen to Alicia, Will's old girlfriend points out to her that she is responsible for their break-up ("For the record, it wasn't over between Will and I when I left. Then you slept with him, and it was over"), she realizes what she is willing to do for the money she needs, and so on, and on every turn, she is reminded of the fact that all of these things would have made her run to Kalinda to get some perspective, except now she can't. And Kalinda intuitively always stays close, just to remind her of the fact (and it's so awesome because none of this would really work if the offices of L&G didn't have all these glass walls...)
Alicia: The other day, when you brought the beer, I wasn't....
Kalinda: It's alright. They were warm anyway.
Alicia: Look, I can't go back to the way it was before, there's just been too much...
Kalinda: I know.
Alicia: But, I'd like to try to make it work. It's just that everything... it has to be on the table. I can't be the only one being forthcoming, I can't be the only one being honest. Can you do that?
Kalinda: Yeah.
Alicia: Okay. I'll see you tomorrow.  
  • Kalinda's "yeah" sounds so small but for someone so secretive and protective of her own secrets, this is such a huge deal! And Alicia is basically admitting that she can't pull it off, freeze her out forever - and it's been MONTHS of glacial movement, and it's great that this isn't a meaningful speech that magically solves all the problems because that would be completely out of character for Kalinda.  
  • And I love that Alicia's request isn't necessarily just about the thing with Peter, it's about telling Kalinda that if she wants to be part of her life, she needs to allow Alicia to be part of hers. 
  • Central relationship of the show, platonically romantic, and there will be a fourth season!!
  • Louis tells Alicia that loyalty only matters at home, in relationship, but not at work: which is interesting considering that this is the episode in which Alicia decides to be disloyal to Diane AND is working through the fact that Kalinda wasn't loyal to her. Kind of.
Diane: That man tried to punch you and then you threw him against a wall.
Jack: In a manly fashion?
Diane: Yes. I would say so.  
  • Case of the week: L&G are suing a snowmobile company because their client crashed into a tree and lost his wife, the opposing lawyer manages to make the case about the fact that the client used to be a hockey player and was incapacitated due to his neurological damage, Will suggests suing Hockey, which brings in both Louis Canning and his ex-girlfriend, recently returned from London (she's a sports journalist). They eventually win because the snowmobile company decides to settle, but Louis, as per usual, walks away sort of winning too. 
  • "I cut some corners. I'm a corner-cutter."
  • Cary's been demoted and thinks he isn't "safe" anymore ("Nobody's told me otherwise, so that usually means no.") - I guess now that Caitlin is gone, there is a theoretical in for him at L&G.

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