Tuesday 16 October 2012

Reaction Post - I feel cursed.

The Good Wife: 4x03 Two Girls, One Code.

  • The Blow!!!
  • Case of the week: two students who created voice recognition software are suing Mr ChumHum (Goodwifeverse's google), who we've met before,  because they used to be pageranked at one but fell into the nothingness of page 20+ after they refused to buy ChumHum ads. The case is interesting because of two things (apart from the "I see what you did there" of an old judge totally getting how technology works while Alicia needs to rely on Zach for that kind of thing, which doesn't always work out so great) - at one point into it a guy from the girls' college comes in and argues that all the inventions made on college grounds and with college resources belong to the college. It's all kinds of "the system is geared against young people without any leverage or money" gross, until Alicia and the judge shut it down based on the fact that the dude profits from the very same system, and that it works differently for different people. Also, later on Will makes it clear that he'd totally sell out the clients if it meant getting Mr ChumHum's billions on board with the firm, except Mr ChumHum can afford not to work with people he finds disgusting, so in the end, he buys out L&G's clients, so L&G gets nothing. There's a moral of the story in there somewhere (take the million when it's offered maybe? Never underestimate your opponents if they have more money than you'll ever see in your entire lifetime?), but it's muddled and weird as per usual. 
  • I guess the point of it was that everyone, especially Diane, keep underestimating Hayden's brilliance - he got the opposing council's offers up by gaining their trust, playing the "I seem like someone not clued into the game" card that works really well for him - but in the end, the endless supply of money still won? I don't know. They all got played somehow and it was almost like the other side of the Bishop's not even playing on the same field as L&G thing, because neither is Neil Gross. 
  • Cary was the one to notice, because Cary spends a lot of time watching what's going on behind the scenes and pondering what the best way to proceed is. It seems like both these things may turn out to be important. Also I just really like Cary a whole lot more when his storyline isn't about Kalinda!
  • Meanwhile, the reporter who came in to replace Kristin Chenoweth, who was attacked by the entire inanimate set of The Good Wife, indicated to Eli that she had proof for Alicia's affair with Will, which caused chaos and destruction until Eli figured out that it was actually proof for an affair Peter had with one of his campaign workers, except once Kalinda (predictably thrown into the mix after Eli told her that it was about ALICIA, not Peter, and remember, Alicia is what she cares about - now if only they talked to each other once in a while?) got into the game it turned out that it was all for naught, just an attention-seeking woman with no fucking idea about who she was dealing with. 
  • Good thing to come out of that mess though: Peter walking in on Kalinda and Eli talking about the whole thing, realizing that Kalinda of all people would investigate him. I'd give a lot to have the Alicia-Peter-Kalinda thing discussed more thoroughly in future episodes. 
  • Which meant that about halfway through the whole thing, we got a truly great moment of Alicia telling Peter that she didn't even particularly care if it was true or not, because the point is that it COULD be true for all she knows, it fits in with who he was and what he did to her - and she walked out on him, which was great - but then after Eli delivered the good news, everything changed. And I still have my doubts about Peter, because there was something he was worried about, even if it wasn't the hilariously inapt campaign worker, who tried to tell the person who knows Alicia best that she invited her into her open marriage. 
  • That being said, the moment when Alicia realized what it was about - when she got off the phone with Eli and slowly put together the pieces - was amazing. 
  • L&G's still struggling, so Hayden rented out the conference room for mediation - which led to hilarious scenes of super-rich people having conferences in the hallway on whatever leftover chairs could be found, while words and furniture was thrown about behind them inside the conference room. GLASS WALLS.
  • JUDGE MARX UNDERSTANDS TECHNOLOGY, he just doesn't understand YOU if you don't speak up. 
  • There were a couple of scenes where Alicia ended up being seriously upset and I had these "talk to Kalinda OMG" reactions to it, and then without fail the very next scene would be about Kalinda and Nick. It's awful and I want it to stop. 
  • Because EEEEEEEEWWW. A whole world of EWWW. I still don't know where they are going with it, because Kalinda's actions are so unclear. It's still somehow the drug metaphor, and maybe Kalinda's tricking herself into re-arranging all the little pawns so that eventually someone's going to keep her from allowing him back in - but at this point, the entire dynamic of their relationship is just a mystery. His aggression and possessiveness keep getting more obvious. This episode, she tried putting Lana Delaney between them, which led to a super-gross scene of Nick stalking them, Nick stalking Lana, Nick calling Kalinda a "dyke" and getting his head bashed in (but then he was right back in her apartment, making omelettes on his own, mumbling something homophobic about college-dorm shit). On the one hand, there's Lana's "I feel like I'm warming you up for someone else", on the other, there's Kalinda basically threatening Nick with the fact that her girlfriend is a federal agent, and I have no fucking idea what's going on and I want it to either stop or start making sense. 
  • Nick continued his attempts to seem threatening from last week. This week's props: eggs. The show seems to have a really hard time figuring out what to do with Kalinda when it's not about Alicia, but there's a really easy solution to that particular problem. 
  • Agent Delaney can totally stay though. 
  • The Blow!!!

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