Monday 11 March 2013

Reaction Post - There are better ways to win this.

The Good Wife: 4x16 Runnin' With the Devil.

Now that the firm is back in the money, art and flowers make a return to the offices and Will campaigns to buy back the symbolic two floors they lost to one Ms Hayward recently, to reassure their clients that they're growing now that the economy is turning around (is it?), except Diane is the voice of reason and reminds them how they got into that position in the first place and also remember how their arch-nemesis is still holding all their debt like an anvil over their head? So this is a developing story, but much quicker (because much cheaper) comes the decision to hire another investigator, because it's not like the last time they tried that it ended in a fight to death and loads of awkward moments that nobody ever wants to remember (good to know though that they still remember Blake's name, considering that Kalinda got rid of him by making Bishop likely to kill him). Alicia looks out for her best friend in the sub-committee, pointing out to all of them that all the sexist ex-cops that appear wouldn't last a day alongside Kalinda, until another fabulous woodland creature walks in and bedazzles them. Robyn is GREAT. I wish Robyn were Kalinda's only storyline this episode, especially since the tequila draught has now entered its fifth or so month and she and Alicia talked to each other more when they weren't on speaking terms. Instead Kalinda looks out for Cary when she realizes he's recruiting clients for a possible one-man firm which gains her a very self-assured grin and horniness in return and then there's a meaningful cut and a weird morning after. 
Lemond's trial is coming up and when he realizes that things are getting serious, he sticks Alicia with a lovely old man who turns out to be either a wizard or a terrifying intimidating force of evil straight out of Breaking Bad, and Alicia spends the episode trying to figure out which one it is and how she even got into this place and whether she cares. At a crucial point, the guy points out to her that the other great thing she's done for the firm apart from gaining Bishop's trust is representing Colin Sweeney, which also comes with a body count. She finds a way to win in a way that doesn't creep her out but the evil wizard is a beat quicker. Either way, Bishop walks. But the greatest thing is that when the AUSA who knew Alicia from before, from school (where she was her nemesis), who brings in the affair of all things, out of nowhere, asks her when she sold her soul, we know she's way above that already. It's not even a question that applies to Alicia Florrick anymore, I think. 
  • Will and Diane try writing a manifesto about their hopes and dreams I guess.
  • MINOR IN DANCE. All I want out of this show is Kalinda, Robyn and Elsbeth getting a spin-off and solving crimes together. "You have a sidekick now. Batman."

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