Tuesday 7 January 2014

Reaction Post - It's like legal jazz.

The Good Wife: 5x11 Goliath and David. 

It's a fitting episode since the lawsuit, about copyright infringement and covers and a television show that shall not be named (and is named Drama Camp, and the guy running it has more hair than the person he's based on), at some point is about the question of satire - since satirizing a work of art is different from simply covering it, the product is protected differently. The episode, at times, seems like a satire of The Good Wife - Alicia and Will continue to tear each other apart because they know each other's weaknesses, but the nature of the tearing seems slightly heightened, the question of who Marilyn's Peter is ends with a very surprising twist, Matthew Lillard, as the musician who is hiring Alicia to sue the television show for covering his cover of a song that was already pretty terrible to begin with, provides a running commentary as an outsider to the legal world along the lines of "it's really awesome what you guys are doing even though I don't understand a single word of it", which is probably sometimes true for the viewer as well. 

The ridiculous: 
  • The lawsuit includes an argument that the original rap song wasn't misogynist but satirizing misogyny, hence a satire of that satire isn't original work, since that requires transformation. Also two warring musicologists, the sound of a bowling ball discovered by Robyn (does F&A not have money for headphones?) proves to be a game-changer that even has the layman understand law (because it's theft, suddenly). 
  • Hi Peter Bogdanovich.
  • Will's romance with Damian continues and has him try to win a vote on branching out to LA next, against Diane's wishes, it ends in a genuine moment where everyone else is still convinced that Will is totally having a complete mental breakdown over Alicia (even though his sadly-not-imaginary girlfriend was missing this episode) but still indulging him because there's no other way to stop him except to let him hit rock-bottom, apparently. 
The serious: 

  • A video which Eli for a split-moment fears might depict Peter's transgression - and the fact that he totally believes it's possible that Peter may be the father of Marilyn's child tells you a lot about both of them - turns out to be about the election fraud committed last season, the one that Zach almost discovered. I think I misunderstood that episode insofar as Peter maybe doesn't know himself, but either way, it spells trouble. 
  • My favourite part of the episode by far was the continuing thread of Kalinda being reminded of her friendship with Alicia, by various people - Eli hires her to investigate the father of Marilyn's child because she won't leak any information that might hurt Alicia, Damian painfully asked her if she doesn't have any friends, and finally, Jenna told Kalinda that she can bear to lose lovers but not friends. 
  • And talking about Jenna: it's hard to read Kalinda at the best of times, but something is happening there. Jenna is pursuing her (and for ambiguous reasons - it seems she is doing it for Damian as much as for herself, but then, the same could be said about Kalinda), and maybe that's even part of the attraction, except when Damian starts to win that game of knowing more, and hits her where it hurts (it's not knowing that she doesn't like Katy Perry, which, who doesn't, but knowing to ask that question about friends is another story entirely). Feelings are always difficult to judge in times of war. And I don't think that any of this is going to make sense as long as Alicia is missing from the equation. 

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