Thursday 13 March 2014

Reaction Post - You'll soon realize you're vulnerable.

The Good Wife: 5x13 Parallel Construction, Bitches.

Previously on The Good Wife, a approximately a million years ago: lots of stuff happened. Stuff on stuff. A clusterfuck of things, really. Marilyn found out that Peter maybe knew about a video showing election fraud the very night he won his governorship, and was appalled. Will couldn't decide what to do with that information, feeling like it would either hurt Alicia too much or not enough, depending on what kind of crazy state he was in at the moment. Kalinda flirted with Cary for business reasons and maybe also for other reasons, as those things usually go. Florrick/Agos and Lockhart/Gardner were like the only law firms in Chicago, judging by how often they ended up facing each other in court, like those statues of people entwined in either fighting or love-making and you can never really tell. Damian was terrible, and also doing the gross love/fight to death thing with Kalinda (hey, good news about this episode!). Alicia was courted by judge George Bluth for a reason we find out this episode. Diane got married. And a billion other things. 

Most important among them: the NSA constructed a case that allowed them to listen in on Peter Florrick and people in contact with Peter Florrick, which has interesting consequences this episode. While Florrick/Agos defend Bishop (briefly butting heads with LG, who still represent his "legitimate business"), former ferengi and generally terrifying but in an adorable way person Charles Lester figures out that someone is listening in on Alicia Florrick's phone. They don't know where it's coming from (but hilariously go back to using burner phones, as destributed by Bishop, who knows about that kind of thing from his illegitimate business), suspect it's the DEA with an illegal wiretap, when IN FACT it's the DEA tapping the NSA's information gathered through the whole weird mission that started with Zach's ex-girlfriend. Clusterfuck! Later on, the Office of Public Integrity - which is trying to hook Marilyn, since she isn't a lawyer and therefore more vulnerable (and gives in, when Peter doesn't meet with her or Eli steps in, either way, it's disappointment and anger, at this point), also goes to the NSA, because sometimes being the agency with the least oversight and the most surveillance capabilities sucks in that "can you do me a favour bro" way. 

  • Good job parodying the current genre of post-The Wire not-quite-as-good-as The Wire shows, which Grace is trying to explain to Alicia, and then having Alicia go off on a mission that very much resembles said show, except that George Lester is like a million times more terrifying than anything these shows could ever pull off (WHAT'S THEIR NAME? ADDRESS? KIDS NAMES, INSTRUMENTS THEY PLAY, AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES FROM WHICH THEY COULD BE ABDUCTED). Best thing though were he and Robyn delighting in each other's oddness. 
  • Alicia, hopefully asking Bishop if he has an alibi because he's innocent and not because he was moving product on a different day. AW. 
  • George pulls a Tyrion Lannister to find the leak, and Alicia's caught in in, but not even he would doubt her genuine innocence. 
  • Cary takes the firm's suspicion (because nobody has figured out it's the NSA yet) to LG in case they're tapped too, Will and Diane decide to put Kalinda on figuring out if he is doing it out of goodwill or to freak out their clients, Kalinda proceeds by bedding him, which I suppose has been a long time coming (and it's sort of anticlimactic - plus, no Damian in sight, minus, another cop lost in the Kalinda void). Comes to the conclusion that he is lying, which is interesting, because what if Kalinda can no longer tell? Or maybe it's just more fun if she pretends she can't, not sure. 
  • Cary finally figures out it's the NSA because he had read an article about the titular "parallel construction", which is when other agencies illegally rely on information gathered by the NSA and then create a new (and in this case, fake) evidence trail to explain where their knowledge comes from. The other good thing about the title is that it's a "what if Pretty Little Liars and The Good Wife ever me", which - think about it, best thing ever?
  • In the end, the Office of Public Integrity goes to Will, and threatens a grand jury to get to his knowledge about the video, but Will seems very cool about it. We'll see where that one goes (is this too bad, or not bad enough, for Peter? - my guess would be the latter). "I think this will make more sense if I get more wine."

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